Engine Troubles

“Captain, main engine is back online. We’re ready to get out of here; just be gentle.” came across the comms from engineering. The Captain takes a look around the Bridge at his crew. He can tell that being stranded in a strange part of space has taken a toll on their nerves. Hearing that the engines are working again, and they can finally go home brings about an air of assurance. Everything is going to be okay.

The Captain turns to Jason, an Ensign on his first assignment, helmsman, and says the words everyone has been longing to hear, “Helm, take us home.”
Almost immediately, Lieutenant Worth at tactical says, “Captain, I have a ship on a course to pass right by us.”
“What can you tell me about it?” he asks, worried he may be in space that has been claimed by another planet’s military.
“It looks like a civilian freighter, Captain, no military markings, only small weapons for self defense.”
“Well, we are on an exploration mission; see if they will respond to a hail.”
“No verbal response, but they did send us a rather large data file. It appears to contain all the information about their species and their planets. They are continuing on course.”

Having obtained a wealth of information on a new species, Captain Armstrong decides to continue the course home. He will have his analysts review the information and determine the best option for establishing first contact. His crew has been away from home for 3 weeks longer than anticipated, so he knows they are anxious to see their loved ones. He certainly is. Having a wife and 2 daughters certainly makes being away difficult on a man. It’s a week long journey, but he sends his family a message telling them he is on the way home.

Two weeks of R and R are in order for the crew before heading out on another mission to discover civilizations and species that they can’t even imagine. The Captain hopes they will be able to establish first contact with the species they encountered, who seemed to have a great deal of experience dealing with new species. Maybe they have a lot to teach the human race. That’s why he signed up for the job, to help the human race learn and grow. There is always someone more wise, no matter how wise you think you are. That is the philosophy that got him through The Academy, and the one that got him his command.